The second half of the game, the Rockets with Gordon replaced Anderson starter Troy Brouwer Jersey, playing a small lineup, the third quarter Steve Oleksy Jersey, the rocket outside the fire full, hit a 22-6 offensive climax, after three, the Rockets have 91-76 lead spurs. The last section, the Rockets win, will lead to once extended to 23 points, Popovich then replaced the main force, to give up the game, the final rocket victory over the Spurs, the series both sides war to 2-2 level. In the playoffs, the health of the players in terms of the team is essential, in this game, the field also took place Cry scenes, the third quarter 7 minutes and 10 seconds left Liam O'brien Jersey, Harden dribble singles Mills , In the break, his knee and Mills hit together, then Harden lying on the ground, it is extremely painful, the scene also quiet up, Harden got up, went to the sidelines, carried out some stretching activities, then, The team doctor also approached him for emergency treatment Sean Collins Jersey, sitting on the bench Harden still Ziyaliezui, but then he went to the venue, did not matter, see their superstar back to the field, the rocket fans finally Got a sigh of relief, the field began to sound cheers. When he was in high school in Harden, he was not on a beard, and when the sun rose every day, he would take a long bus to play from his home in Compton, California, to the high school basketball court. Harden then devoted his dream - to enter the NBA to play, for this dream, every day he seven o'clock to the class before this time, on time training, sophisticated basketball skills.