Rockets victory over the Spurs, the two sides total score to 2-2, the game, Harden got 28 points and 5 rebounds and 12 assists and 2 steals Andre Burakovsky Jersey, Eric - Gordon scored 22 points, Trevor Ariza gains 16 points and 6 rebounds Assists, Anderson scored 13 points and 4 rebounds, Beverly got 10 points 4 rebounds and 6 assists Sean Collins Jersey, Capella 8 points and 9 rebounds, Louis - Williams scored 13 points, Bobby - Brown had 11 points. He is not a surprise, we know he can shoot Karl Alzner Jersey, we get him when he knows. He is incredible, not just can throw into the space shot, double team, conversion, cover shooting, he is very good. He forced the opponent to prevent him, and then in the process of preventing his mistakes. At the same time he does not need to dribble can shoot. There is such a weapon in our team, while he is ready at any time, as long as the game he can score, you do not pay attention to him to pay the price. In the first section of the game, Leonard was completely frozen, he only 3 times the opportunity to hit, hit a ball to get 3 points, Leonard this is limited to the main section of the main reason for the Spurs first section. In the next section up, Leonard finally opened fire, he came up on a cast hit, and then scored a third in the outside, when Leonard find the feeling, the rocket want to prevent him is also a difficult Of things, in the middle of an attack on the section, Leonard dribble break Aaron Ness Jersey, although Trevor Ariza's arm has been entangled in Leonard, but the card or throw the ball into the ball and made a foul.