Rocket attack time is running out, Harden face Gasol defense, one meter away from the location of the three-point line, wore the opponent out of the long arm Joel Ward Jersey, in the 24 seconds before the hands of Biao in the buzzer three Hadden no doubt writing a script to inspire the military, in the Harden hit this record after three points, his teammates have also been inspired, Trevor Ariza and Gordon have hit three points Stanislav Galiev Jersey, the road, Wei and Anderson also began to fire Alex Ovechkin Jersey, the Rockets all soldiers are the score opened, Harden injured instead become a turning point in the game Jonas Siegenthaler Jersey. King of the Northern Territory Toronto Raptors did not believe evil, this year's playoffs, they once again challenge to James. For this day, they specially exchanged for Ibaka and PJ-Tuck two defensive masters, but who can think of their fate worse than last year. Soldiers do not blade, 4-0 swept the Raptors, so, Knight Dragon's story, has just begun, it is over. This is James 10 times swept the opponent, beyond Duncan, 31 series victory over Jordan. Although James has only three championship rings, but his performance in the playoffs, more than Kobe Bryant, Jordan, called the best in history.